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Leaping Princess Studios

The Official Website for the Mystical Art of Amanda W. Crews

PLEASE READ our IMPORTANT NOTICE TO OUR VISITORS, posted below. The Leaping Princess Studios Gift Shop is CURRENTLY CLOSED.

RUMOURS on the Edge of 17
Art by
Amanda W. Crews
Inspired by
Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac
In 1977, artist Amanda W. Crews was listening to the timeless music of Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours", and drawing, painting and writing with much inspiration from Stevie Nicks. Here, in this special presentation page, are a few of her pen & ink drawings from the time of the Rumours Tour, when she was on the "edge of seventeen". These pieces are signed with her maiden name, Amanda L. Walters.

For more information on each design, please click on the individual designs below:

Rhiannon 1977, 2001 Amanda W. Crews All rights reserved Go Your Own Way 1977, 2001 Amanda W. Crews All rights reserved Gold Dust Woman 1977, 2001 Amanda W. Crews All rights reserved Songbird 1977, 2001 Amanda W. Crews All rights reserved The Chain& 1977, 2001 Amanda W. Crews All rights reserved 
                                    "Rhiannon"                                           "Go Your Own Way"                                     "Gold Dust Woman"                                            "Songbird"                                                     "The Chain"

These designs were originally offered
in a choice of note cards or prints,
and a choice of three colours
~ white, cream or tan.

white sample        cream sample       tan sample


Due to unfortunate circumstances beyond our control,
the Leaping Princess Studios Gift Shop is currently

We regret that we are currently NOT able to offer
Note Cards, Prints, T-shirts, Tote Bags and Aprons.
Our current plans are to create a sale page on this site
to offer some of the small inventory we have in stock.
Please bear with us as we build this page for you.

Contact webmistress Mina at
Leaping Princess Studios

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The music you are hearing is a midi file of
by Stevie Nicks
If you are the author of this file, and would like credit for it
or would like it removed from this site, please contact us.

All honours and apologies to
Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac
and to the numerous unnamed but extremely talented photographers
who brought these faces to me

and many, many thanks to
my family

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Artwork (including Penguin background art)
copyright 1977, 2015 Amanda W. Crews
Lake Lady Productions &
Leaping Princess Studios

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